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Hens, Roosters and Chicks Set

Hens, Roosters and Chicks Set
Machine Embroidery Set of 3 Designs in Photo Stitch Technique

Available in 3 sizes: for large 130 x 180 mm (5" x 7"), mega and commercial hoops.

Large Hoop:

Size: 129mm x 160mm (5.16" x 6.4")
Stitches: 51927
Colors: 12

Size: 129mm x 164mm (5.16" x 6.56")
Stitches: 42775
Colors: 13

Size: 129mm x 141mm (5.16" x 5.64")
Stitches: 44480
Colors: 10

Mega Hoop in HUS, JEF+ and VP3:

Size: 149mm x 185mm (5.96" x 7.4")
Stitches: 69748
Colors: 12

Size: 149mm x 189mm (5.96" x 7.56")
Stitches: 55245
Colors: 13

Size: 149mm x 163mm (5.96" x 6.52")
Stitches: 68154
Colors: 10

Mega Hoop in DST, PES and EXP:

Size: 159mm x 198mm (6.36" x 7.92")
Stitches: 71820
Colors: 12

Size: 159mm x 202mm (6.36" x 8.08")
Stitches: 59338
Colors: 13

Size: 159mm x 174mm (6.36" x 6.96")
Stitches: 70096
Colors: 10

Design for mega hoop is not available in ART, JEF and XXX formats!

Commercial Hoop:

Size: 181mm x 224mm (7.24" x 8.96")
Stitches: 85825
Colors: 12

Size: 181mm x 228mm (7.24" x 9.12")
Stitches: 69237
Colors: 13

Size: 181mm x 197mm (7.24" x 7.88")
Stitches: 86750
Colors: 10

Design for commercial hoop available only in PES, EXP, DST and VP3 formats!

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Birds collection. It uses the Photo Stitch technique. The designs is available for the Commercial hoop (8" x 12"), Large hoop (5" x 7") and Mega hoop (6" x 10").

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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

We made these small quilts with the designs from the set. Read about the quilts on the project page.

This photo was sent in by Maureen Fresco from Durban, South Africa. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

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Technique:Photo Stitch
Hoop Size:Commercial
Price:$20 to $25

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