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Clothes Projects & Ideas

Dress Make-Over
Sweatshirt Make-Over
   Wild Rose Cutwork Lace Insert on a Jersey Blouse
Fashionable Jewelry with Celtic Dragon Bookmarks
Snake Jeans
Peter Pan Collar
T-Shirts Decorated with FSL Embroidery
Knit Sweater with Cutwork Embroidery
Summer Apron with Berry Embroidery
Vintage Dress for 18-inch Dolls
Summer Blouse with Battenberg Lace Miniatures
Quilted St.Patrick's Apron
T-Shirt Embellishment with Lace Embroidery
Quilted Apron
Quick Sweat Shirt Makeover
Blouse Makeover with Peony Embroidery
FSL Battenberg Offset Neckline Lace
FSL Battenberg Elegant Lace Yoke
FSL Battenberg Victorian Lace Collar 
FSL Battenberg Lace Summer Hat II
FSL Battenberg Bridal Fingerless Lace Gloves
FSL Battenberg Lace Summer Hat
FSL Battenberg Lace Vest
T-shirts with Southwestern Motif Applique Set
Embroidered Outfit for a Toddler
Celtic Belt out of Bookmarks
V-Neck T-Shirts with Freestanding Lace
Sweat-Shirts Decorated with Cutwork Designs
Dress Scarves with Lace Edges
Linen Aprons with Flower Embroidery
Jeans Decorated with Leaves
Cat Appliqué Project Ideas
Blouse with Battenberg Lace
T-Shirt with Poppy Flower Appliqué 
Crochet Blouses and T-shirt Makeovers
A T-Shirt Makeover
Sweatshirt with Applique Embroidery
Embroidered Skirt
Embroidered Jeans
Flannel Shawls with Pockets
Scarf with Santa Claus Applique
Dressing Scarves with Embroidery
A Mending Idea
Project Ideas with Geometric Designs
Starry Night Project Ideas
Blouse with FSL Crochet Square Set 
Blouse out of Crochet Embroidered Parts
T-Shirt with Seasons by A.Mucha
Sweater with Oriental Fans Machine Embroidery
Lace Insert for a T-shirt
T-shirt decorated with Crochet Lace
Funny Aprons for Every Occasion
Valentine Sweatshirt
Celtic Embroidery on an Evening Gown
by Heather Welham 
Toronto, ON, Canada
Denim Vest with Embroidery
by Ruth Sharp 
Tucson, AZ
Football Training Top
by Hayley Arney 
Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
Summer Dress
by Anne Levine
Jackson Heights, New York
Jacket for Sister
by Laurel Dobbins
Olmsted Falls, OH
Cat Eyes Sweat-Shirt 
by Elinor Maxwell
Bristol, UK
Embroidered Vest
by Shary Cohn 
W. Bloomfield, MI
White Shirt with Embroidery or How to Restore Your Clothing Using Embroidery
Shirts with Photo Stitch Embroidery
Step-by-Step Guide to Decorating Sweatshirts with Embroidery
Black Blouse with Lace Embroidery
Blouse with Lace Embroidery Cutwork
Wedding Dress
by Karen (Godfrey) Meuler
from Sterling, NY
Suede Jacket with Snowmen
by Gail Beam
from Mahomet, IL
Purple Embroidered Jacket
by Linda Martin
from Bradenton, FL
Chenille Jacket
by Daphine Stewart, Florida
Silk Dupioni Jacket 
by Marilyn Fromherz
Knitted Summer Top with Embroidery
by Gerda Stitt
Knitted Sweater with Fan designs
Silk Shell Decorated with Cross Stitch Roses
T-Shirt Decorated with Indian Chief Design
T-Shirt Decorated with Schooner Design
T-Shirt Decorated with Brigantine Design
T-Shirt Decorated with Mrs. Mouse Design
Gladiolus Glasscase and Embroidered Blouse
by Lorraine Morrow
from Bayview Heights, Australia

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