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Quilt Projects: Table Runners, Table Toppers,

& Place Mats

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Royal blue quilted tablerunner with embroidery of a moon, stars and Christmas trees in silver and golden colors
Quilted Tablerunner with Night Sky Embroidery
Quilted octagonal tabletopper made of blue scrap fabrics and snowflake embroidery in the center.
Heart of Winter Scrap Quilted Tabletopper with Embroidery
A tablerunner and 4 place mats with fall foliage embroidery.
Quilted Autumn Table Set with Embroidery
Royal blue tabletopper with Sun and Moon embroidery
Sun and Moon Table Topper
Light colored quilted tablerunner with roses embroidery
English Manor QUilted Tablerunner with Rose Embroidery
Scrap Christmas-Tree Tablerunner with Embroidery
Scrap Christmas Tree Tablerunner with Embroidery
Black tablerunner with circle embroidery in bright colors
Quilted Tablerunner with Circle Motifs
Quilted Tablerunner with Bleeding Heart Flowers Embroidery
Quilted tablerunner with flower embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Flower Embroidery
Quilted Table Topper with Celtic Embroidery
Quilted Table Topper with Celtic Embroidery
4 black placemats with embroidery in jewel tones.

Quilted Place Mats with Flower Embroidery in Jewel Colors
White tablerunner with red poinsettia embroidery.
White Christmas with Red Poinsettia Embroidery
Light-colored tablerunner with grape vine embroidery
Tablerunner and Placemats with Grape Vine Embroidery
Royal blue tablerunner with Fall trees and leaves
Fall Trail Tablerunner
quilted tablerunner with garden gnomes and flower embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Garden Gnomes Embroidery
Royal blue tablerunner with embroidery of deer and Christmas trees.
Winter Holidays Tablerunner with Embroidery
Flower and butterfly embroidery on the light-colored background, multicolored borders.
Quilted Summer Tablerunner with Flower Embroidery
Blue and green quilted tablerunner with daidy embroidery.
Quilted Tablerunner with Daisy Embroidery
QUilted tablerunner with poppy embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Poppy Embroidery
Quilted tablerunner with pink and yellow tulip embroidery
Spring Table Runner with Tulip Embroidery
Green, red and white table topper with embroidery
Christmas Table Topper
WHolecloth quilted tablerunner with fall flowers embroidery
Wholecloth Quilted Tablerunner with Fall Flowers Embroidery
Table runner and place mat with leaf embroidery
Fast and Easy Table Set with Autumn Leaves Embroidery
Blue Table Runner with Autumn Leaves Embroidery
Quilted Table Runner with Fall Leaves Embroidery
Blackand-white Table runner with red embroidery
Black-and-White Modern Table Runner with Embroidery
Tablerunner with dolphin embroidery

Nautical Tablerunner with Playing Dolphin Embroidery
Winter-themed blue tablerunner with snowflake embroidery

Winter-Themed Tablerunner with Snowflake Embroidery
Modern style quilted tablerunner with geometric embroidery

Lines and Circles Geometric Tablerunner with Machine Embroidery
Ivy embroidery on a pieced imitating brick wall backround

Quilted Wall Hanging or Tablerunner with Ivy Embroidery
Tropical flowers and birds on a quilted tablerunner

Birds and Blooms Quilted Tablerunner with Machine Embroidery
Spring Wreath Tablerunner

Spring Wreaths Tablerunner
Spring Doily with Shamrock Embroidery

Spring Doily with Shamrock Embroidery
Scottish Thistle Quilted Tablerunner

Scottish Thistle Quilted Tablerunner
Quilted tabletopper with blue roses embroidery

Quilted Tabletopper with Blue Roses Embroidery
Blue tablerunner with embroidery.

Winter-themed Wholecloth Quilted Tablerunner with Embroidery
Green Tablerunner with golden Celtic star embroidery.

Celtic Star Christmas Tablerunner
Quilted Tablerunner with pieced stars and embroidery.

Falling Stars Tablerunner
Celtic Fall Tabletopper

Celtic Fall Tabletopper
Valentine Hearts Quilted Table Runner
Valentine Hearts Quilted Table Runner
Quilted tablerunner with honeybee embroidery.

Honey Bee Tablerunner
Tabletopper with tiles embroidery.

Quilted Tabletopper with Tiles Embroidery
Spring Vines Quilted Tablerunner

Spring Vines Quilted Tablerunner
Modern Style Table Set

Modern Style Table Set
Quilted Tablerunner with Easter Bunny Embroidery

Quilted Tablerunner with Easter Bunny Embroidery
Rustic Style Quilted Tablerunner with Floral Embroidery

Rustic Style Quilted Tablerunner with Floral Embroidery
Celtic Spiral Tablerunner

Celtic Spiral Tablerunner
Modern-Style Mandala Table runner

Modern Style Mandala Tablerunner
Autumn-themed quilted tablerunner and placemats

Autumn Table Set: Quilted Tablerunner and Placemats
Quilted tabletopper with snowman applique

Quilted Tabletopper with Snowman Applique
Art Nouveau Roses Summer Tablerunner

Summer Roses Tablerunner
Christmas Tree Table Runner

Christmas Tree Tablerunner
Scrap Spring-to-Fall Tablerunner

Scrap Spring to Fall Tablerunner
Quilted Table Runner with Butterfly Embroidery

Quilted Tablerunner with Butterfly Embroidery
Tropical Vacation Table Runner or Wall Hanging

Tropical Vacation Tablerunner or Wall Hanging
Daylily Quilted Tablerunner

Daylily Quilted Tablerunner
Border Stripe Easter Table Runner

Border Stripe Easter Tablerunner
Happy Easter Table Set

Happy Easter Table Set: Tablerunner and Placemats
Four Seasons Quilted Tablerunner

Four Seasons Quilted Tablerunner
Thanksgiving Turkey Table Runner
Christmas-Themed Quilted Scrap Table Runner
Geometric Leaves Quilted Table Runner
Christmas Tree QUilted Table Runner
Summer Wreath Quilted Table Topper
Peony Table Runner
Tulip Table Runner
Butterfly Table Runner
Christmas Tree Tablerunner
Autumn Table Topper with Mountain Ash Embroidery
Spooky Spider Table Topper
Dancing Leaves Quilted Tabletopper
Quilted Leaf Place Mats with Lady Bug Embroidery
Red and White Christmas Tablerunner
Coral Reef Table Runner
Flower Place Mats
My Beautiful Garden Table Runner
Quilted Table Mats with Rose Embroidery
Rustic Table Mat with Chicken Embroidery
Sunny Days Quilted Table Runner
Quilted Easter Table Runner or Wall Hanging with Redwork Embroidery
Celtic Tree of Life Quilted Table Runner
Valentine Hearts Quilted Table Runner
Christmas-Themed Quilted Placemats
Thanksgiving Dinner Place Mats
Thanksgiving Dinner Table Runner
Maple Leaf Table Topper
Pumpkin Place Mat or Table Topper
Poinsettia and Candles Quilted Place Mats
Poinsettia and Candles Quilted Table Set
Quilted Placemats with One-color Jam Jar Embroidery
Autumn-Themed Quilted Tablerunner
Christmas Ornaments Tablerunner
Koi Fish Quilted Place Mats
Quilted Table Mats with Geranium Embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Butterfly Applique
Table Runner with Coloring Embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Applique-with-Organza Blocks
Cherry Blossom Quilted Table Runner
Quilted Table Mats with Rose Embroidery
Quilted Table Runner with Butterfly Embroidery
Christmas Table Runner with Musical Angels
Cats and Leaves Quilted Table Topper
Maple Leaves Table Runner
Fall-Themed Table Runner with Autumn Leaves Embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner and Placemats with Tea Set Embroidery
Modern Art Table Runner with Redwork Embroidery
Evergreen Christmas Bells Table Runner
Christmas Stars Table Runner
Fishing Boat Nautical Table Mats
Quilted Table Runner and Placemats with Spring Themed Embroidery
Apple Wall Quilt or Table Runner
Table Topper with Gooseberry Embroidery
Quilted Daffodil Table Mats
Floral Table Mats with Geranium Embroidery
Quilted Rustic Table Runner with Rose Border Embroidery
"Just Roses" Quilted Table Runner with Applique Embroidery
Quilted Place Mats with Spring Basket Embroidery
Sashiko Table Runner
Roses for Mom - a Quilted Table Runner with Rose Embroidery
Quilted Placemats with Redwork Embroidery
Mountain Ash Table Runner
Quilted Placemats with One-Color Embroidery
Quilted Tablerunner with Easter Chickens Embroidery
Floral Placemats with Applique
Quilted Table Runner with Orange Embroidery
Early Summer Place Mats with Redwork Flowers
Quilted Hot Pads with Rose Embroidery
Christmas Wreath Placemats with Redwork Embroidery
Harvest Basket Placemats
A Modern Christmas Quilted Table Set
Quilted Christmas Place Mats
Mailbox Placemats
Quilted Table Runner with Cutwork Embroidery
Spring-themed Table Topper with Butterflies
Celtic Table Topper
Quilted Kitchen Placemats with One-Color Embroidery
Vintage Phone Quilts
Quilted Table Runner and Coasters with Applique
Quilted Place Mats with Redwork Embroidery
Quilted Table Mats for Kids
Christmas Table Set
Autumn-themed Table Set. Table Runner
Autumn-themed Table Set. Place Mats
Quilted Fall-themed Table Topper

Dog Rose Tablerunner or Wall Hanging
Hexagon-Block Quilted Table Topper
Table Topper with Easter Basket Cutwork Embroidery
Easter Chicken Wall Quilt or Table Topper
Spring Tablerunner with Redwork Embroidery
Quilted Rose Doilies
Quilted Christmas Placemats
Santa's Sleigh Table Runner
Christmas Poinsettia Table Runner
Roses and Stars Patriotic Quilted Table Topper
Christmas Candle Table Runner
Quilted Table Topper with Hawaiian Motifs
Sun and Figs Quilted Table Topper

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