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Quilt Projects: Wall Quilts

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Dog Security Wall Quilt
Owl CHord Musical Wall Quilt
Modern Wall Quilt with Applique Flowers
Art Deco Four Seasons Wall Quilt
Fall Colorscapes Wall Hanging
Matisse Goldfish Art Quilt
Van Gogh Boats Coloring Art Quilt
Field of Poppies Art Quilt
Iris Wall Hanging
Van Gogh Roses Art Quilt
Great Hornbill Bird Wall Quilt
Summer-themed Calendar Quilts
Spring-themed Calendar Quilts
Winter Calendar Quilts
Autumn Calendar Quilts
Phoenix Wall Quilt
Geranium with Shadow Wall Quilt
Ancient Greece Wall Hanging
Summer Meadow Wall Quilt
Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Quilted Wall Hanging with LOVE Roses
"Birdie-birdie, I love you!" Scrap Wall Quilt with Embroidery
Winter Woods Wall Quilt
Poppy Memorial Quilt
"Birds in a Tree" Wall Quilt with Embroidery
"Welcome Spring" Quilted Wall Hanging with Embroidery
Quilted Wall Hanging with Stained Glass Applique Embroidery
Dreaming of Spring
Cowboy Hats Wall Quilt
Morning Glory Art Quilt
Bald Eagle Independence Day Quilt
Oriental Themed Wall Hanging with Cross Stitch Embroidery
Birds of Paradise Wall Quilt with Redwork Embroidery
Art Quilt with Iris and Butterfly Embroidery
Stained-Glass Girl with Lotus Quilted Wall Hanging
Cupid Coloring Quilt
Flamenco Art Quilt
Quilted Wall Hanging with Geranium Embroidery
Winter Scene Wall Hanging
Halloween Moon Quilted Wall Hanging
Fall Leaves Wall Hanging
In the Shade of Wisteria
Waltz Art Quilt
Jam Jar Wall Hanging
A Fat Quarter Venus Art Quilt
Two Roses Art Quilt
Summer Meadow Art Quilt
Happy Baskets Mini Quilts
Cottage with Flowers Quilt
Quilted Easter Wall Hanging
Springtime Quilt with Daffodil Embroidery
A Fat Quarter Quilt:
Coffee House
Valentine Quilt
Bright Flowers in Mid-Winter Wall Quilt
Nimpheas Watercolor Art Quilt
My Sweet Rose Art Quilt
Quilted Flower Hanging: Sunflower
Halloween Cats Wall Quilt
Flower Hanging: California Blue Bells
Girl in the Garden Small Quilt
Flower Hanging: Columbine
Summer Grove Art Quilt
Flower Hanging: Fuchsia
Quilted Rose Wall Hanging with 3D Windmills
Flower Applique Wall Hanging
In the Gardens of the
Taj Mahal

Easter Bunny Watercolor Quilt

Life in Japan Quilted Wall Hanging
Eos Coloring Quilt
3 Angels Coloring Wall Quilt with Redwork Design

Victorian Novel Readers Wall Quilt

Black-and-White Wall Quilt with Japanese Redwork
Rose Art Quilt
"DO NOT TOUCH" Quilted Signs
Giraffe Wall Hanging

Landscape Embroidery on Patterned Fabrics

Flowers in My Garden Quilt
Autumn Wall Quilt
Applique Flower Album Quilt

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