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Easy Paisley tote bag

Easy Paisley Tote Bag
Quilted Bag with Celtic Motifs

Quilted Bag with Celtic Motifs
Quilted Summertime Bag with Leaf Embroidery

Quilted Summertime Bag with Leaf Embroidery
Multi-Colored Celtic Purse

Multi-Colored Celtic Purse
Smart Phone Case and/or Purse with Floral Panels

Smart Phone Case and/or Purse with Quilted-in-the-Hoop Floral Panels
Geometric Stars Quilted Tote Bag with Embroidery

Geometric Stars Tote Bag
Gustav Klimt Fine Art Tote Bag

Gustav Klimt Fine Art Tote Bag
Make Up or Jewelry Purse

Make-up or Jewelry Purse
Quilted Mandala Shoulder Bag
Sunset Tree Quilted Tote Bag
Round Mandala Shoulder Bag
Celtic Tote Bag with Applique Embroidery
Canvas Bitterfly Bag
Felt Shouder Bag with Machine Embroidered Flap
Catch Me if You Can! Tote Bag
French Empire Tote Bag
Handbag with Leaf Embroidery
Autumn Girl Felt Purse
Ballerina Tote
Sun Mandala Shoulder Bag
Quilted Market Tote with Embroidered Handles
Black and White Gift Bag
Quilted Tote Bag With Celtic Animals Embroidery
Embroidered Hand Pouch for Knitting/Crochet Projects
Round Purse with Celtic Tree of Life Embroidery
Art Nouveau Denim Tote Bag
Cosmetic or Jewelry Purse with Flower Embroidery
Pansy Purse
Summer Tote Bag with Art Nouveau Embroidery
Black and White Tote Bag with Owl Embroidery
American Girl Doll Ice Skate Backpack
Ancient Egypt Themed Quilted Tote Bag
Polka Dots Tote Bag with Cat Embroidery
La Mode Shoulder Bag
Sea-themed Tote Bag with Stained Glass Applique Embroidery
Canvas Tote Bags with Easter Embroidery
Quilted Handbag with Zebra Embroidery
Smart Phone Lanyard Case
Leopard Tote Bag
Cinch Hand Bag
Sunflower Quilted Tote Bag
Large Tote with Calla Lily Embroidery
Folding/Convertible Craft Tote
Quilted Tote Bag with Fairy Silhouettes Embroidery
Quilted Duffle Bag with Embroidery
Quilted Tote Bag with Gladiolus Embroidery
Hand Bag with East African Motif
Quilted Tote Bag with Outer Pockets and Embroidered Panels
Quilted iPad Tote with Embroidery
Small Purse with Assisi Embroidery
City Girl Clutch Purse
Quilted Tote Bag
Blue Rooster Handbag with Shoulder Strap
Sunday Newspaper Tote with Embroidery
Chrysanthemum Oriental Handbag
Stained Glass Tote Bag
Elegant Clutch Purse with Embroidery
Suede iPad Case with Embroidery
Quilted Tote Bag with State Bird Embroidery
Clutch Purse with Rose Embroidery
Casual Suede Bag
Cosmetic Case with Rose Embroidry
Fabric Craft Basket
Quilted Tote Bag with Flower Embroidery
Draw-String Tote Bag for Baby
Quilted Kindle-3 Cover with Embroidery
Autumn Leaves Quilted Tote Bag
Fray-edged Tote with Sun Embroidery
Quilted Peony Bag
Quilted Sailor Tote Bag
Quilted Evening Purse with Embroidery
Quilted Bible Cover
Quilted Craft Basket with Rose Embroidery
Quilted Tote Bag with Daffodil Embroidery
Quilted Knitter's Totes with Embroidery
Southwestern Keychain and/or Tags
Shoulder Bag with Wild Flowers Embroidery
Quilted Bag with Art Noveau Embroidery
Yet Another Southwestern Tote
Southwestern Tote with Machine Embroidered Applique
Cosmetic Case with Wild Flowers Embroidery
Christmas Tote Bags with Embroidery
Knitter's Tote Bag
Quilted Backpack with Embroidery
Black-and-White Quilted Tote Bag with One-Color Embroidery
Geranium Tote
Wild Flowers Tote Bag
Violet Tote Quilted with Redwork Designs
Quilted Tote-Bag with Daisy Embroidery
Quilted Bag with Flower Embroidery
Quilted Impressionist Summer Bag with Embroidery
Halloween Tote
Fringed Totebag with Celtic Embroidery
Cat Eyes Hand-Bags
Summer Bag with Peony Embroidery
Shopping Canvas Totes with Appliqué Embroidery
Black and White Tote Bags with One-Color Embroidery - 2
Black and White Tote Bags with One-Color Embroidery
Large Tote Bag for a Quilter
Indigo Tote with Oriental Styling
Plastic Mesh Tote Bags with Embroidery
Plastic Mesh Tote Bags with Embroidery Part III
Plastic Mesh Tote Bags with Embroidery Part II
Plastic Mesh Tote Bags with Embroidery Part I
Tote Bag with Southwestern Indian Motif
Celtic Tote Bag
Envelope Rose Purse
Quilted Tote Bag with Embroidery
Tote Bag with Birds Quilt Blocks
Embroidery on Paper
Gift Bags
Peacock Handbag
Project Ideas with Geometric Designs
Elegant Rose Purse
SouthWest Indian Purse
FSL Purse and Belt Set
Spring Flower Projects
Pajamas Envelope
Pug Puppy Tote Bag
by Cyndee Davis
Des Moines, IA
Evening Purse
by Gloria Vincent
Austin, Texas
Vincent van Gogh Silk Bag
by Marlene Sontchi
Wilmington, DE
Rose Purse
by Louise Jackson
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Quilted Purse with Embroidery
by Tanis Pawson, Indiana
Placemat Purses
Quilted Hawaii Tote-Bag
Embroidered Purse for Kids
Step-by-Step Guide to Making Embroidered Tote-Bags
Jasper Tote-Bag
by Kathryn Petterson from Texas
Little Witch Tote Bag
by Lyn Bove
Tote-Bags with Dogs Designs
by Pat Fielding, UK
For this festive-looking tote bag for your Christmas shopping we used Christmas redwork designs.
Dog Tote Bag
by Anne Michalko
from Churchville, NY
Summer Handbag
by Pam Gardner
from Auckland, New Zealand
Dalmatian Bag
by Debbie Haase
from Wenatchee, WA
Patchwork Summer Bag
by Francesca Inman
from Atlanta, Georgia
Caddy Bag with Pansy Applique
by Sandy May
Orbost, Australia
Tiger Eyes Purse
by Luybov Rogers
from Clayton, Ga
Westies Purse
by Sandy Beneke
from Fargo, ND
Silk Tote Bag
by Mary M. Jennings
from Kensington Grove, Australia
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